It’s hard to name just one reason why Georgia is the best location for your new or expanding operations. We’re international, growing, accessible, educated, skilled and connected — in every sense of the word.


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Aerospace Products

The #1 export from Georgia, topping off at $8 Billion worldwide.

Georgia Success

Georgia is named the #1 state for business fifth year in a row by Site Selection magazine.

Georgia’s food processing industry contributed $11.5 billion to the gross state product.

Food Processing


Georgia has a low cost of electricity and sales tax exemption on energy used in manufacturing.


Georgia has the third lowest manufacturing unionization rate in the U.S.

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Trade Team Provides Cost-Effective Solutions for Georgia Businesses.

America's Best-Selling Gelato, Talenti, Located its Primary Facility in Georgia.

Georgia Ranks #1 Fourth Year in a Row according to CNBC's Top States for Doing Business.

Georgia Lands French Automotive Headquarters.

IMS Gear Establishes U.S. Apprenticeship Model in Georgia.